StoryBrand Messaging + Custom Shopify Website
Most parents feel powerless to protect their children from getting sick. BetaKIDS gives you the most effective natural supplement available for supercharging your child’s immune system so you can have fewer sick days and less disruption to your family’s routine.
Simplified messaging | Multivitamin supplements alone don’t seem to make much difference in protecting kids from getting sick. There should be a way to have fewer sick days and avoid the stressful domino effect they have on the family’s health, schedule, finances, and relationships.

BetaKIDS from Better Way Health is the undisputed leader in Beta Glucan supplements. Purity is the key to success with Beta Glucan, and BetaKIDS' patented process not only makes it more affordable but also creates the purest Beta Glucan in the world. Because of this purity, their Beta Glucan supplement is up to 160X more potent than other options on the market. Then, they add Vitamin D3 and Selenium to the Beta Glucan to create the most powerful immunity booster possible for children.

The challenge

  • A Shopify ecommerce site that wasn't converting well
  • Lack of clarity in messaging to help parents understand what Beta Glucan is and why BetaKIDS
  • An overall low engagement rate across their website
Brand exploration

The Solution

  • A clear and concise messaging powered by the StoryBrand Framework
  • A new custom Shopify E-Commerce design and development
Custom Shopify Design Theme + Development

The Results

  • BetaKIDS without any new marketing activity other than emailing their list of customers, saw a 43% increase in monthly sales with the new launch
  • The team is now converting more of its visitors to clients
  • What's next? The creative BetaKIDS team are now revamping their rewards program and executing a content marketing strategy to increase their visibility and further improve their conversion and customer lifetime value
An increase in new orders within the first month of launching the new StoryBranded Shopify Website
Desktop + Mobile Design

StoryBrand Consultant | Moses Mehraban

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