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Tearfund Canada believes the solution to poverty is more than physical, it’s spiritual. Instead of handouts, Tearfund partners with local churches to permanently lift families out of poverty. Tearfund turned to Creativeo a Storybrand consultancy to clarify their message and build a clear and compelling website.


Tearfund Canada needed the help of a marketing agency to help them re-design their new website. Intrigued by the StoryBrand framework, Tearfund Canada hired us as their StoryBrand Consultant to clarify their donor and mission brand-scripts, then design and build them a custom WordPress website that reflected their new messaging.


Our team worked closely with Tearfund Canada to uncover their new donor and mission Brandscripts based on the StoryBrand marketing framework.

  • 01. StoryBrand Messaging
  • 02. StoryBrand website wireframe
  • 03. StoryBrand custom design and development


As a result of their new messaging and website, Tearfund experienced a record year in online donations for their Giving Tuesday campaign in December of 2020.

"Online revenue continues to increase year over year." - Matthew Schroeder, Marketing Director Tearfund.ca

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Tearfund Canada | Nonprofit StoryBrand Example

StoryBrand Consultant | Moses Mehraban

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