AI Guides

StoryBrand Messaging, StoryBrand Custom Website, Demand Generation Consultancy
Most organizations who try to use artificial intelligence fail because they’ve been matched to the wrong vendors and services. AI Guides provide vendor-agnostic guidance to the right solutions for your environment so you can tap into the power and potential of AI.

AI Guides, founded by John Stroud (SR Strategic Advisor) and Jen Schellinck (Data Scientist) is an advisory consultancy that helps ensure the successful use of AI in organizations. When the organization set out to launch their new start-up, they knew that having a clear messaging would be essential for their future success. The team hired Creativeo, a StoryBrand Marketing Agency to help clarify their marketing message through the StoryBrand framework and develop a custom StoryBrand website.

Our Role

  • StoryBrand messaging strategy
  • StoryBrand one-liner
  • StoryBrand Brand narrative copy
  • Website Wireframe
  • Custom WordPress StoryBrand Website Design-Build
  • Marketing Consultancy (content marketing strategy and SEO coaching)
StoryBrand Consultant | Moses Mehraban

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