WaterH The Smart Water Bottle

StoryBrand Messaging Strategy
Staying hydrated well is harder than it sounds, and your water bottle could be doing more to help. WaterH has engineered the smartest, safest water bottle in the world to track your progress and coach you to victory.


  • Help WaterH launch a successful Kickstarter campaign for a brand new tech product


  • Our team collaborated with WaterH's marketing team to clarify the brands messaging strategy using the StoryBrand framework. Our controlling idea was to sell the idea of victory/winning the battle against the self. “I’m finally getting this hydration thing right!”


  • Kickstarter campaign goal met and exceeded by $93,000+ CAD
Campaign Goal Succeeded

Highlights from WaterH's Messaging Playbook

Identity transformation
One-liner example
The Guide "empathy statement"
Value proposition from Authority Section

StoryBrand Consultant | Moses Mehraban

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