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A top superfood blends brand with over 100+ delicious and easy-to-use mixes to help you live a healthier life.

You shouldn’t need a degree in nutrition to enjoy the benefits of superfoods. That's why Organic Traditions offers innovative products and expert guidance which make it easier to eat the healthiest foods in the world, every day.

About Organic Traditions

Organic Traditions has over 100+ superfood blends and products that help you live a healthier life. In addition to their high-quality products, Organic Traditions helps you cut through the confusion around superfoods and make it easier for you and your loved ones to benefit from the healthiest foods in the world every day.

Organic Traditions does millions in sales every year through their vendors from Wholefoods to specialty healthy shops like Healthy Planet. The brand wanted to beef up their website experience and establish a clear and concise messaging surrounding their brand and most popular blends.

The Strategy

  • Tell a STORY – NONE of the other competitors are doing this. It’s just product,product, product.
  • Provide value BEYOND “we have the best quality stuff.” Some of the competitors are doing that. Organic can do it better.
  • EMBRACE the “Inner Superfood Geek!” Why fight this? The team’s passion for this stuff is super-deep, celebrate it as an asset. “We are the people who help you understand and use this stuff.” They are the guides! And that’s as valuable as the products.
  • EMBRACE the journey - the fact that Organic Traditions' products now represent a gradual journey from easy products to knowing how to use individual ingredients. Make it a journey. Shift from product-focused to journey-focused.
  • Shift the voice from formal to FRIENDLY.
  • BRIDGE the two audiences now being accessed by the growing product lines, the convenient, entry-level coffee and pancake crowd and the “I need a bag of Chia seeds now!” crowd.
  • WEAVE the name in. Organic Traditions points to depth of both the development of the company and philosophy. It can’t be tossed aside to just become a “fun brand” or whatever. It has deep value. And without weaving it in, it becomes disconnected.
  • New Package Design - branding, very important. Give the package a face lift

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The Results

  • A clear and concise Messaging Strategy across all touch points (website, social media, packaging, and trade shows)
  • A user-friendly website that offers the right selling environment (8% increase in avg order size and 8.5% increase in sales in 2022 vs 2021)
  • Top Google placement for primary, secondary, and long-tail keywords
SEO/Content Marketing Results
Results from our SEO/Content Marketing Strategy

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StoryBrand Consultant | Moses Mehraban

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