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StoryBrand Marketing
Leads at Scale helps companies generate well-qualified B2B leads and sales appointments at scale, ready to be closed. Now as a StoryBrand Business, Leads at Scale is growing and filling their sales pipeline with their ideal clients.
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Leads at Scale
I interviewed five StoryBrand Guides to find the right guide to help us implement the StoryBrand Marketing framework without wasting our time & money. Two things separated Moses from the other guides: 1. Moses immediately understood our value proposition, how it could be positioned, & how companies would benefit from our services. 2. From the outset, Moses approached us & our challenge from a strategic, long-term perspective. Not as a one-time project to rebuild a website. I highly recommend Moses.
John Dubay, Managing Director


StoryBrand SEO traffic increase
  • Before: no traffic from Google | After: 1,000+ monthly organic traffic
  • Before: Average 2 leads per month | After: average 25+ leads per month (and climbing)
  • Before: 2 employees | After: 11 employees

Our Role

  • 01. StoryBrand Messaging + New Brand Name
  • 02. StoryBrand Wireframe
  • 03. StoryBrand Website
  • 04. Sales Funnel x 2 Custom Tools Built
  • 05. StoryBrand Marketing playbook to grow traffic
Under Moses’ advice and guidance we have seen our inbound leads increase 30% each month over the past 3-months.”
Leads at Scale
StoryBrand Consultant | Moses Mehraban

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