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Making sales on credit in Mexico feels like too big of a risk. HMH Legal, a law firm gives you a reliable solution for debt collection and helps you prevent further issues so you can engage businesses in Mexico with confidence.

When you have a client in Mexico who owes you hundreds of thousands dollars, how do you go about recovering your money? You call HMH Legal, a US/Mexican law firm that specializes in commercial debt collection in Mexico.

For more than 20 years, HMH Legal has been serving businesses of every size in nearly every industry, including Chevron, Land O’Lakes, Cedar Financial, and Export Development Canada (EDC) with debt collection services.

The firm being familiar with the StoryBrand framework wanted to better engage their ideal clients and differentiate themselves from their competitors. As a result, the Law Firm hired us as their StoryBrand Marketing Agency to clarify their messaging and develop a website that would help them continue to engage their ideal clients.

"Creativeo was able to keep the timeline on our project. In addition, the services didn’t just stop at StoryBrand. They are a true digital marketing firm, and a very effective one. As a result, our business has grown nicely. We started attracting new clients instantly and are now consistently getting new clients."

- Romelio Hernandez, President of HMH Legal


Storybrand SEO results
  • #1 on Google for their main search term "debt collection in Mexico"
  • #1 on Google for "Mexico Debt Collection"
  • #2 on Google for "litigiation in Mexico"
  • #2 on Google for "Debt collection Brazil"
SEO Results
Selling on credit in Mexico shouldn’t be an insurmountable risk for businesses looking to expand their products to the Mexican market. HMH Legal serves as an extension to credit and collections department for credit sales in Mexico.

– Philosophical Statement from HMH Legal's Brandscript

Our Role

  • StoryBrand Messaging (strategy, one-liner, 7-part framework, and StoryBrand brand narrative)
  • StoryBrand Custom Website Design-Build
  • SEO Consultancy
In every claim you file with us, you have our No Win/No Fee Guarantee as well as our promise that your business will be well-represented and have excellent communication and transparency from our team.

– The Agreement Statement from HMH Legals' Brandscript

StoryBrand Consultant | Moses Mehraban

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