What Is Marketing?

What does marketing mean to your organization? Or another way of asking, why do you have a marketing department and what are you trying to achieve through your marketing efforts?

Most marketing is selfish because brands commonly think about their bottom line more than the actual problems and challenges of their customers.

However, marketing doesn’t have to be that way. The best marketing is not marketing at all. It’s simply based on the principle that places others more worthy than your brands self best interest.

At Creativeo, we believe great marketing is simply focusing on helping a specific group of people (your core customers) solve their problems and help them move forward.

Sure, there are marketing strategies, experiments, and tactics that help you market your service or product, but at the heart of marketing is to help others solve their problem and help them move forward.

Case Study

StructureCraft is a Creativeo client. They exist to help their clients (architects, developers, and general contractors), engineer and construct beautiful, well-detailed, and efficient timber structures (like mass timber buildings) that people love to work, live, and learn in.

Photo: StructureCraft

The company exists to make their clients vision a reality through sensible engineering and construction. That’s their marketing. One client project at a time, they help visionary architects, developers and GC’s make their project a reality. Their marketing is simply to celebrate their client’s successful projects.

As a result, they’re one of the fastest growing timber engineering and construction firms in North America. The more they continue to make their clients success their mission, the more likely they’ll continue to grow.

There’s no shortcut to great marketing. Great marketing requires regular, consistent, and generous serving and helping solve your clients problems. With every successful project or client, you earn permission to help others with their problem.

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