What are the marks of a healthy organization?

Idea: in this post, we outline the principles of a healthy organization and share practical steps to help you start thinking about the marks of a healthy organization

The big question: How does an organization move towards becoming a healthy organization where they are accountable to one another, live by their core behaviours, admit when they've made a mistake and are open to change?

Marks of an unhealthy organization

  • Inefficient work results
  • Wasted resources
  • High employee turnover
  • Squabbling team members

Marks of a healthy and thriving organization

Healthy organization are clear and committed to a few key questions.

  • The organization is clear on their "Why" - in other words, they simply know "why do they exist?"
  • Teams are clear on what they do and how they will succeed – in other words, everyone on the team knows how the business turns a profit and what strategy it will design and execute to achieve success

Actionable Next Step

To help your organization gain clarity and eliminate discrepancies in strategy, a leadership team must be clear on these key questions:

Once you have clarity and alignment, the challenge (as well, the fun part) is to continually remind your team of the company's existence, core behaviours, strategy, and priorities. More on this on a feature post.

So, will you and your leadership team genuinely commit to becoming a healthy organization?

It takes effort, commitment, grace, and patience to see the extraordinary fruits that a healthy organization possess.

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