Want More Customers, Bigger Orders, and Repeat Revenue? Do this.

Which marketing channel such as paid search, social media, mobile marketing, sponsorships, print media, SEO, and email marketing drive the highest ROI?

If you said email marketing, you’re correct.

Email Marketing ROI
Email Marketing ROI – stats from Campaign Monitor

If you’re not investing in email marketing, your business is missing on some serious revenue.

In addition to good email design & code, A/B testing, and deliverability and compliance monitoring, here are three activities that should be part of every successful marketing program:

  1. Subscriber Acquisition
  2. List Segmentation
  3. Automation and Drip campaigns

Subscriber Acquisition

Sure, your business has a clear call to action and you drive a good % of your visitors to your intended pages such as sign up, contact form, or your product page. But what about all those unknown visitors that leave your site?

Your email marketing team should be actively running experiments in an effort to try to convert unknown web visitors into new subscribers.

How? Look at a great tool called: JustUno

List Segmentation

Is your team, slicing and dicing your database into specific customer segments based on behaviour and demographics or are you sending the same email to all your customers?

Certainly, every business is unique but there’s a reason why all ESPs (email service providers) report that segmented emails drive more revenue than non-segmented messages.

There’s a slew of opportunity for brands to segment and refine communication with their customers based on their unique interests and behaviours.

Automation Campaigns

Once you have successfully segmented your list and are tracking important behaviours, you have an opportunity to create hyper-targeted automated campaigns. These are a series of emails that are drip-fed to individual customers as they journey through different stages: onboarding, first purchase, shopping cart-abandonment, loyal customer, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

If you have any questions or would like our team to do an audit on your email marketing program, get in touch, we would love to help.

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