Business Made Simple Certified Coach

As a Storybrand consultant I've worked with businesses who have transformed their marketing by successfully implementing the Storybrand framework.

That is why, when Storybrand introduced Business Made Simple and invited a few Certified Storybrand guides to join the Business Made Simple Coaching program, I jumped on the opportunity, knowing first hand, how a set of powerful frameworks could help my clients to further grow their businesses.

What is Business Made Simple?

Business Made Simple University (BMSU) is an online learning platform with onDemand courses to help businesses run and grow their business by mastering the essentials skills they need to improve the key areas of their business.

Business Made Simple Website
Business Made Simple onDemand Courses

Why your Business Should be Using Business Made Simple?

To increase revenue and run a successful and healthy business, you need to master the basics of business, but there's a problem:

  • You're busy working in your business and not on your business
  • Your team is scattered because there's information overload
  • It's expensive to train and develop yourself and your team
  • Your team is distracted by other priorities so you don't have a simple plan
  • You're leaving your growth to chance and poorly run experiments

The beauty of the Business Made Simple platform is that it provides you everything you need to grow your business, one step at a time, and accessible all in one place.

  • BMSU was purposely designed to develop you and your team for a fraction of the cost of other development programs
  • Every course in BMSU is designed to simplify the essential business skills you need to grow your company

What are the essential skills you need to master?

  1. Communication
  2. Leadership
  3. Marketing
  4. Messaging
  5. Emotional IQ
  6. Proposals

Communication Made Simple

Course: Communication Made Simple
Course: Communication Made Simple

You'll learn:

  • How to create communication campaigns that engages your audiences and gets a response from your audience
  • The right framework to create your communication strategy a success

Mission Statement Made Simple

Mission Statement Made Simple
Course: Mission Statement Made Simple

You'll learn:

  • How to engage your employees with a clear vision
  • You'll craft your mission statement using a simple framework that gets your team excited to come to work every day

Marketing Made Simple

Marketing Made Simple
Course: Marketing Made Simple

You'll learn:

  • How to stop wasting money on marketing that doesn't work
  • You'll learn how to create a marketing campaigns by utilizing the 5 part sales funnel to generate more sales for your business

Storybrand Messaging Framework

Storybrand Messaging Framework
Course: Storybrand Messaging Framework

You'll learn:

  • You'll finally be able to articulate what you do in a clear and engaging way
  • You'll eliminate the confusion so that your customers listen and buy from you

Enneagram Made Simple

Enneagram Made Simple
Course: Enneagram Made Simple

You'll learn:

  • This course is thought by Ion Cron, which you'll learn the 9 basic personality styles
  • You'll be able to understand your strengths and weakness but more important, you'll be able to see your team's strength and weaknesses, so you can lead your team well

Proposals Made Simple

Course: Proposals Made Simple
Course: Proposals Made Simple (thought by Koula Callahan)

You'll learn:

  • How to show your value in your proposal that you win a higher rate of projects
  • You'll uncover the 7 parts that make an effective and powerful proposal

More courses are being created and added to the onDemand platform.

  • Negotiation Made Simple
  • Hero on a Mission (Donald Miller's life plan)
  • 0 to $10 Million course (a systematic plan for growing your company through three different growth phases)

For $275 a year, you get access to the full world-class business curriculum, plus all the new courses that are being made, recorded, and made available.

Why work with a Business Made Simple Coach?

Yes, you can access all the courses from Business Made Simple website - the advantage of working with a Business Made Simple coach like myself, is that you don't have to do it alone; you'll have someone coaching you through each phase and keeping you accountable.

Running a business is difficult when parts of your business are out of sync. As a certified Business Made Simple Coach, I'll walk you through the phases of the Business Made Simple Framework and provide the of 1:1 mentorship support not only to help you grow your business but also the growth of its leader—you.

What can you expect to get by working with a BMSU Coach?

There are a lot of coaching programs and services today—the key difference between BMSU and other business coaches is that you finally have a proven framework to help you get all the parts of your business healthy.

You don't need a cheerleader, but a proven framework, with the trust of a mentor that will help you step-by-step to make the improvements in your business to unlock growth.

When all the parts of your business are healthy and working together, you fuel sustainable growth.

Plus, a healthy business also creates a work environment where your team is engaged and thriving.

  • You'll get coached through a proven framework to grow you and your business
  • A plan that will help you scale your business systematically
  • Uncover the health of your overall business
  • Help you lead your team with confidence

The Business MRI

When Donald Miller releases the Business Made Simple book in January 2021, there will be an assessment tool in the book called The Business MRI.

This powerful 20-minute assessment will help you determine the overall health of your business.

Business made simple book
The Business Made Simple by Donald Miller - To be released January 19, 2021
The Business MRI - by Business Made Simple
  • Communication
  • Messaging
  • Management
  • Execution
  • Mission Statement
  • Character
  • Negotiation
  • Productivity
  • Sales
  • Marketing

BMSU Coaches have been officially certified by Donald Miller and his team to run this assessment with clients.

I'll be making this assessment available through my new coaching site The Steadfast Leader (launching soon).

In the mean time, should you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.

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