5 Shopify e-Commerce StoryBrand Website Examples

Millions of the world's most successful brands rely on Shopify to sell their products.

Here at Creativeo, we love creating custom and hybrid Shopify StoryBrand websites for our clients that help them sell more of their great products.  Below, we've curated some of our favourite Shopify e-commerce websites for your inspiration.

What makes a successful Shopify StoryBrand Website?

Clarity and beauty are foundational to a high-performing Shopify website.

A great Shopify StoryBrand website checks all these boxes:

  • Fast, easy to maintain, and has all the essential KPIs to run your business
  • Optimized to rank well on Google for your major key terms
  • Easy and welcoming for visitors to use and guides them to take the next step
  • Scalable and modular so that it grows as your business and needs change
  • Pleasant and accessible to all users and works on any device, and any screen size
  • Balanced, with a clear message showcasing beautiful imagery to lead visitors to action

Ox and Pine

Let's take a closer look at the home page of OxandPine.com

Hero Section

  • Title (explain the value you provide): Personalized, handmade leather goods made just for you.
  • Subtitle (explains how you'll create it): Everyone wants to be remembered and cared about. That's why we intentionally quality check and use the finest materials when crafting your leather goods.
  • Visual (invites their customers to visualize success): see image above.
  • Call to action (making it easy to take the next step): Shop Now
  • Social proof (establish trust):  8,000+ 5-star reviews

Key Benefits

Key benefits
  • Free Shipping in the US. Free shipping on all orders of $35+
  • Handmade in the US. Everything we make is handcrafted in our shop in Texas
  • 100% Full-Grain Leather. We only use REAL 100% full-grain leather, only the best.

Below the fold highlights
  • Problem: Life is too short to buy low-quality leather.

    Many leather products are made from cheap "leather" that falls apart just months from purchase. At Ox & Pine, we build products to last longer than a lifetime. We only use the best and finest quality leather so you and future generations can enjoy your product.
  • Value Proposition Personalized, handcrafted leather goods that make you unforgettable.

Organic Traditions

Shopify Website Example
  • Title (explain the value you provide): Superfood blends. The way it should be. 
  • Subtitle (explains how you'll create it): Delicious, all-natural, and easy-to-use superfood blends to help you feel and live your best.
  • Visual (invites their customers to visualize success)
  • Call to action (making it easy to take the next step): Shop Bestsellers

Key Benefits

  • 20,000+ 5-star reviews
  • Certified Organic 
  • Free Shipping 
  • Money back guarantee
Below the fold highlights

eCommercebrands with multiple products could benefit from organizing their products intocollections and making them available as standalone categories based on function. 

Organic Traditions does this well. 


Magic Mind

Magic Mind - Shopify StoryBrand example
  • Title (explain the value you provide): When your product is new or unique, you can own your niche. 

    The World's First Productivity Shot
  • Subtitle (explains how you'll create it): Instead of a traditional sub-headline to introduce the product, Magic Mind uses a brilliant testimony that checks the box. 
  • Visual (invites their customers to visualize success): Using visual communication, Magic Mind features their bottle, highlighting key ingredients and their health benefit to you.
  • Call to action (making it easy to take the next step): Buy Now.
Below the fold highlights
  • Comparison chart is a way to communicate the value they promise you. 
  • FAQ - There will be questions your customers havea bout your product or service that don't fit neatly in your StoryBrand messaging and StoryBrand website.  This is where a FAQ section can help.
comparison chart in website design


Duradry - Shopify Website example
  • Title (explain the value you provide): Stop embarrassing sweat marks (we've all been there, be honest : D)
  • Subtitle (explains how you'll create it): Sometimes, your headline and products are so clear that you don't need a subtitle as a way to introduce your product. 
  • Visual: a beautiful shot of your packaging or product is key. Duradry's 3-Step System is clearly highlighted. 
  • Call to action (making it easy to take the next step): Get the 3-Step System.
Key Benefits
  • Free shipping
  • Cancel anytime
  • 100-day Guarantee
  • Over 500,000 customers
Below the fold highlights
  • Features and Objections

    Duradry makes its promise concrete: "everything you need to control excessive sweating."

    It then highlights potential customer objections via a list with checkmarks.
  • More social proof

    When your promise is too good to believe, customers will have objections. Video testimonials are a great way to overcome these. Duradry carefully features video testimonials from real customers that address pressing objections a potential customer may have.
video testimonial example designs
See How it Compares

Knowing your customers and their challenges when seeking a solution to their problems allows you to anticipate their questions. Duradry understands that customers probably have tried different deodorants and antiperspirants to stop embarrassing sweat marks.

They provide a simple and straightforward comparison chart to answer potential customers' questions about how Duradry compares to other natural deodorants and antiperspirants.

see how it compares chart design

Dutch (Petcare)

Dutch Petcare - Shopify Website Example

  • Title (explain the value you provide): Online vet care when you need it
  • Subtitle (explains how you'll create it): Meet with a top-rated online vet to get customized Rx treatment plans to solve your pet's needs. 
  • Call to action (making it easy to take the next step): Join now for only $15 a month.

Key Benefits: 

  • Prescriptions delivered to you for free
  • 100% licensed veterinarians
  • Unlimited vet visits and follow-ups

Problem embedded with solution

  • Skip stressful, expensive trips to the vet with fast access to licensed vets over video chat.
  • The two biggest external problems for pet owners when needing a vet:

    1. Stress (unknown what's wrong with your pet)
    2. Expensive bill (fearing a large vet bill after all is said and done)


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