5 Great StoryBrand Copywriting Examples

Well, I think there are a lot of great copywriting examples on the web but not as many examples focused on StoryBrand.

Here are five featured examples of StoryBrand websites that pack an excellent punch because they got their messaging right through effective copywriting.

Let's look at these successful StoryBrand copywriting examples.



Most organizations that want to improve how they serve the needs of older adults feel isolated and alone. As an advisory team focused on the silver economy, Silvermark works alongside leaders to redefine what is possible in serving older adults.

Silvermark understands that its clients are the hero and knows the impact they want to make in the lives of older people.

They're able to explain the value they provide (in the title) because they share the same level of commitment to championing the needs of older adults (empathy).

The result, the client had a clear north star (controlling idea) to lead their StoryBrand copywriting strategy.

There are solutions to the challenges facing older adults, and you don't have to find them on your own!

Water H

The all-in-one smart water bottle that helps you master the art of hydration.

Staying hydrated well is harder than it sounds, and your water bottle could be doing more to help. WaterH engineered the smartest, safest water bottle in the world to track your progress and coach you to victory.

Here's the Brand narrative copywriting example for WaterH.

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Organic Traditions

OrganicTraditions Superfoods Blend

You shouldn't need a degree in nutrition to enjoy the benefits of superfoods. Organic Traditions offers innovative products and expert guidance, which make it easier to enjoy superfoods for a healthier you.

When it comes to superfoods, there's just so much to learn. There are so many superfoods and ways to use them, leaving people stuck, not knowing where to start.

One great copywriting example for eCommerce businesses is the promise you can make and deliver to your customers. In StoryBrand, we call this your agreement plan. Here's the agreement plan from Organic Traditions

Ez IT Solutions

Ez IT Solutions - Managed IT Solutions

Most IT support services are designed to maintain the status quo. EZ IT Solutions protects your present while preparing you for the future, so you always have the right technology to innovate, compete, and grow.

EZ IT Solutions, understands how much the future of your business depends on technology. That's why they've created a model for IT support that turns IT from an expense into a strategic asset.

They communicate the value of having an IT Solutions partner and how it provides a win for everyone on the team.

Aerospace Rotables

Inconsistent service and expensive surprises are all too common in the landing gear overhaul process. Aerospace Rotable's proven track record for reliable results and cost-effective solutions keeps your airline on budget and off the ground.

When customers generally feel mistreated by industry-standard service levels, you have an opportunity to better serve and support these customers.

This is the copywriting example from Aerospace Rotables*.

An essential part of controlling aircraft maintenance costs depends on finding a landing gear overhaul service that provides consistent reliability throughout the entire process.

Unfortunately, that expectation is rarely met as the overhaul process often involves inconsistent service and expensive surprises.

nfulfilled TAT deadlines, unexpected out-of-scope charges, excessive BER, and quality issues with the final product are all too common. This leaves you on guard throughout the entire process, waiting for the next problem to surface. We believe you’ve got better things to do, and your airline deserves a trustworthy partner who delivers on their promises.

*Aerospace Rotables new website is under construction. The new messaging and copywriting will be reflected on their new site (in late fall of 2022)

Uncover the right words to connect with your ideal customers

As your StoryBrand Guide, it is our responsibility to look at your brand in every imaginable way, frontwards, backwards, sideways, upside down, inside out. Because somewhere, right there in your story, lies the messaging that will engage more of your ideal clients.

There are endless ways to clarify your story. And given a world in which “me-too” services multiply like mayflies, the story may seem much harder to uncover.

It is.

But every good business has it.

And every good StoryBrand Guide finds it.

This is our promise to you, to uncover your story so that it engages with your ideal audience.

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