The 4 Essential Elements Every High Performing Website Must Have

As time spent on native apps and on social media continues to increase, business owners still need to remember that their website is and will continue to be their most effective sales tool. To ensure your website is helping and supporting your business growth strategy, here are four important items to ensure your website has in place:

  1. A clear headline of what you offer with a clear focus on the problem you solve for your clients
  2. A clear call to action
  3. Know what key terms and phrases your brand are owning on Google
  4. Technical Checklist: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, mobile friendly, and page speed test

1 – Clear Headline

This is no time to get poetic, but rather be clear and to the point of who you help and what value you provide. It’s not about you here, but about the value, you provide to your clients by focusing on their key challenges.


Both examples above, highlight clearly the problem their respective customers are experiencing and quickly projects a solution that would help them. This is done in a few words in a clear language.

2 – Clear Call to Action

There are two types of call to actions: direct and transitional. Direct is exactly that direct, such as “Call Now!”, “Sign up Now”, or “Buy Now”; they’re direct because of their focus to drive to make a purchase decision.

Whereas transitional call to actions help you provide upfront value and reduce the perception of “risk” in doing business with you. Above all, it helps you build and deepen your relationship with people before they do business with you. For example: “Download our Case Study”, or “3 Things Your Proposals Needs to Close a Deal”.

Which do you need? Both! Your website needs both as there will always be people who have a high intend to do business with you and there are customers who are on the fence and need more time.

Here are some good examples of each.


If you have a product that you can give away samples, this is an effective way of giving your prospects a way to feel and experience your product first in exchange for their contact details. When a potential customer has your product in their hand, it reduces uncertainty and can inspire them to make a purchase.


Intercom’s direct call to action is easy and reduces friction with their simple call to action to get started using an email address. Once you enter your email address to get started, even if you end up abandoning their sign up page, they have an opportunity to reach out to you in the future by offering you valuable marketing insight to convert you to become a customer.

Question: can you sport the call-to-action on

3 – Words Your Business Owns

What word or words is your business synonymous with?  What words do you own in people’s minds and on Google search results?

Here’s how you can find out:

  1. Setup Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Click on “Performance”
  3. Look at the Queries column (these are the keywords and phrases that you’re site is visible for and are bringing visitors to you)

4 – Technical Checklist

Every leader of a growing company needs to know how their most important sales tool is performing in supporting their business goals. If you require your website to generate quality leads for your business, then be sure to have these tools in place and review at least once per month.

  • Setup/ensure your Google Analytics is running correctly (a future post on this to come)
  • Enable your Google Webmaster account
  • Run Google Page Speed test, to determine how your key pages perform for mobile and desktop devices and provides suggestions to improve them.

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