3 Growth Hacking Tools Every Growing Company Needs to Know About

Today's best and successful marketers are nimble experimenters. You need to be agile and always finding new ways to improve on yesterday's results. That means, constantly experimenting with new ways to drive more traffic to your app or website, convert a higher percentage of those visitors into customers, and find effective ways to engage your customers to increase their lifetime customer value.

Here are a few of the tools we love at Creativeo and have used them as stacks or standalone products to drive more traffic, convert, and increase the bottom line for our clients.

1. Five-second usability test

You have less than 5 seconds to clearly connect with visitors to your site. Are you optimizing for clarity? Will a visitor know how your service or product can help them in 5 seconds or less?

How do you test this?

The five-second test from Usability Hub gives you a powerful tool to test user's perceptions about your site. Great to use when you redesign your key landing page i.e. home page or services page.

2. Pingdom / Thinkwithgoogle.com

At the heart of a well thought out user experience is optimizing for fast page speed load. Not only will your users be happy, but you'll also gain a boost in your search ranking from Google.

Run your key pages with Pingdom and Thinkwithgoogle.com and ensure new plugins and scripts are not bogging down your page load time and missing out on key conversion opportunities.

3. Visitor Queue

If you sell to other businesses, then you're probably losing valuable leads, since on average 98% of visitors to sites leave without converting, which means you have no future opportunities to build a relationship and provide value.

Install Visitor Queue and you'll have an opportunity to better identify who your site visitors are, such as their company name, contact details and you'll have hotter leads who have shown an interest in your service/products.

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